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Related article: Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 02:08:33 +0000 From: jumpin jack Subject: Preteen Lolita Bbs Adventures with MikeThis story shows how a normal healthy guy at college can easily be persuaded to try sex with other guys.I studied engineering at a University which had a majority of male students and because of this I was having a hard time to finding a regular girlfriend. Most of us used to make up for this by drinking too much and generally acting like idiots most of the time.On this particular Friday evening a group of us decided to go into the local town for a few drinks and see if there were any parties going on. Things were quiet as usual and were got plastered by 11pm and decided to return to the University Student's Union. Things were really dead there too, so three of us, Mike, Gerry and myself, (Pete) went back to our dorm. common room for a few more drinks and to listen to a few albums.Mike put on LA Woman by the Doors and handed out a can of Beer to each of us.He then said "You know that Jim Morrison has a 10 inch dick"."Yeah right" I said is a disbelieving way."Mine's almost that long" replied Gerry."I don't think so, it looked about 2 inches in the shower last week" Mike said."The water was freezing that day and anyway I wasn't turned on then" replied Gerry."I bet Pete's is bigger" said Mike as he winked at me. He had caught me playing with my dick the week before as he just walked into my room without knocking. I blushed like crazy then and hoped the dim lighting hid my embarrassment at being caught doing what all guys do."Here's $5 that says I'm bigger" said Gerry."Sorry man I'm broke, we'll have to call it even" I replied.Mike quickly slapped $5 on the table and said "Here you go guys the bets on""Well how are you going to prove it" I said thinking that we would find a girl to measure each of us in private.Lets go back to my room, I'll be the impartial judge and measure you both" said Mike."OK" said Gerry and I reluctantly agreed , wondering what I had let myself in for.When we were in Mike's room he said "Here's some porn to help you get into the mood".I grabbed the top one and was enjoying the huge breasted centerfold when Gerry said "I'm ready" as he dropped his pants revealing his huge hard dick.I stared at the size of it which made my 7 inch dick look small."Wow you really are hung. Let me measure it" said Mike."9 1/2 inches, for Gerry" said Mike. "Your turn Pete"I was surprised to find that I was really hard now and I wasn't sure if it was from looking at the magazine or at Gerry. I stepped out of my jeans and faced the guys feeling quite proud.Mike measured my dick with the ruler and seemed to leave his finger tips a bit to long on my red helmet."7 inches for Pete, I declare Gerry the winner" said Mike.Gerry took the money quickly while we both dressed and left saying "Night guys I've got to be up early tomorrow".Mike passed me another beer and said help yourself as he picked up one of his well thumbed porn mags.I selected another one from the pile and gasped a little as I looked at the front cover. It showed a girl being fucked doggy style by a guy who was sucking another guys dick at the same time."What's up Pete" said Mike."This is really hot man" I replied.Mike looked over at the picture and said " I know, you should try it sometime"."Have you?" I replied feeling my dock throbbing in my jeans."Do you mean had a guys dick or been in a threesome" said Mike."Either" I replied not wanting to commit myself."Well, I've sucked a guys dick a few times and had threesome once. " said Mike."Lucky bastard" I replied as I watched Mike rub the bulge in his jeans. I was feeling so horny now and was ready Preteen Lolita Bbs to try anything."Drop your pants Pete and I'll show you what I mean" said Mike.If I hadn't been so drunk and horny I probably would have left at this point but as it was I smiled and stood up as I stepped out of my jeans and boxers. Mike did likewise and beckoned me over to him. His slender dick was fully erect and glistened in the dim light.I moved over to him slowly and was surprised to feel a deep tingle in my cock and balls as his fingertips brushed my dick's head. I moaned with pleasure as his fingers rolled my foreskin up and down my shaft. I reached down to feel his cock. It felt so exciting to have it my hand , It was hard hot and wet from precum.We were both on the point of ejaculation when he stopped and led me onto his bed. As I laid down he put his lips around my shaft and moved himself into the 69 position. He naturally put his hard cock into my mouth and I almost choked as he thrust it deep into my throat. I slowed a bit then recovered and got into a nice steady rhythm with him as we both took turns thrusting and sucking. It seemed to come so naturally to us. Too quickly, we both built up to a thundering climax and we both cried out with pleasure as we sprayed cum onto the others mouth, face and chest. Mike eagerly licked all of his cum off my body while I watched him and enjoyed the moment.I felt really guilty after the excitement had worn off and asked Mike to keep our escapade a secret from our group of friends. He agreed but also told me that he thought most of our group of buddies would be too inhibited to try anything like this. I agreed and left Mike's room to go and sleep while trying to sort out my feelings.The next day Mike knocked on my door and asked me if I wanted to visit his hometown next weekend as one of his school friends was having a party. I quickly said yes as any party would be an improvement on our normal weekend and I was hoping to get a repeat of Mike's performance sometime as well. Mike grinned and said "Great, and leave your door unlocked tonight I might want to pay you a visit.""Sure" , I replied feeling immediately turned on by the thought of what was to happen later.Sure enough Mike and I repeated our adventure that evening. He Preteen Lolita Bbs also tried a few new tricks on me that felt too good.Mike and I left that Friday afternoon after our last lecture of the week. We arrived at his parent's house about 10pm , exhausted and hungry. His Mother welcomed us in and made us supper while we had a beer each. His Father was away on business and his Mother seemed happier because of it. Apparently their marriage was going through a rocky stage.After supper we decided to watch the late night movie in the basement before turning in. Mike's mother then wished us good night and left us alone.A few minutes later Mike slid over to me on the couch and put his hand on my dick. I smiled and unbuckled my belt and let Mike extract my half hard dock. Soon he was licking the shaft and I moaned with pleasure.I then pulled Mike's pants down and was fondling his smooth balls in my hand when I heard the door open behind me and Mike's mother said "Boys will be boys, what's a mature lady to do around here to get some pleasure."I was so shocked that my dock went limp in Mike's mouth. Mike sat up and said "You aren't jealous are you Mum?" Mike's mother was almost 50 and although she had seemed more matronly earlier I realized now that she was still a sexy woman."Me jealous , only a little. Poor Pete your dick seems to have lost its strength , let me help." Said Mike mother."OK Mrs. James, please do." I said"Call me Doreen, Pete," she said as she let her nightgown fall to the floor to leave her naked apart from a short black teddy. Her breasts were big and swung slowly as her walked over to me and took my hardening cock into her hands and rubbed it over her breasts.Doreen then took charge of the situation by saying "You boys strip off and sit on the couch here. I don't want any arguments , you do as you are told or you will feel the back of my hand on your young bodies.""OK Ma'am" we replied in unison.Doreen then proceeded to suck our cocks in turn each for a few seconds while I was instructed to massage her left nipple and Mike her right nipple. As I felt I was about to come my hand slipped of her breast. Doreen suddenly stood up and told me to kneel in front of her in her sternest voice. I did as I was told without thinking. She then took a short riding crop from the shelf behind me and said "Naughty boys are punished for not doing what they are told. Stand up and bend over the arm of the couch, boy."I did as I was told and said "Please Ma'am don't hurt me"Whack, I cried out in pain as the first of six strikes stung my young buttocks. After that I was even more turned as Doreen told Mike to fuck me like a young bitch. He quickly told he that I was an anal virgin but Doreen laughed and said "Even better, it should be nice and tight for you."Mike put on a condom and added some hand cream before inserting his cock into me. It stung at first but as I relaxed a little the pain was replaced by intense pleasure. Mike soon came inside me while Doreen watched with a smile on her face. What a mother for a young horny boy to have I thought, as Mike pulled his cock out of me.I was rock hard then and Doreen pushed me onto the couch and she mounted me to ride me like a wild animal. Doreen's weight pinned me to the couch as Preteen Lolita Bbs she seemed to suck and pull my dick into her hot, wet pussy, while her large breasts swung in my face. I was in heaven as we both climaxed together.What a night that was. It led to several other evening of intense pleasure at Mike's home. Usually about every other month while Mike's father was out of town.The drive back to college was interesting as Mike explained how his mother has taught him all about sex from an early age. He told me so many stories as we drove home with my mouth around his cock as he drove through the night. An original story by Jack KellerPlease send any thoughts or comment to Jack at
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